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Hemp / CBD Efficacy

Research Study ParticipationAre you a bird parent who has used hemp or CBD with your bird?

Hemp Seeds or OilAny history of use of the hemp oil or deeds with your bird!

CBD ProductsAny experience in administering CBD? We need your feedback!

Help Us Help BirdsYour birds experience will help create better health outcomes for others

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"I am the publisher of In Your Flock magazine and I have used this product with success to help Winston the Eclectus with his feather destructive habit."

Sandy Lender, publisher

"This is an excellent product and it helped my African Grey, Max. I used it on the bold parts of his neck as well. The feathers started to grow back."

Rodica M.

"I have an African grey who I recently adopted who has been plucking for 10 years. I just started her on the Hemp oil and she has had two days of it mixed into her chop and is still eating it all!"

Mackenzie Ryle
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What is Bird Hemp?

We are a collaboration of medical professionals, professional researchers, industry and bird lovers. Our goal is.


Who can take part in the study?

Bird owners who have administered either hemp, CBD or marijuana products to their bird.


What are the next steps after the study?

We anticipate continual collection of data and as results are disseminated and formatted we will allow participants to receive updates. All communication allows for a simple opt-out option. We value and respect your privacy.


Does my veterinarian need to be involved?

Partcipation with your veterinarian is always the best way to collect data. Many of our participants see the vet on a regular basis, some do not..


Will my information be made public?

Participants can remain anonymous without disclosing any personal information. Answers to questions and your input will be shared with others.