Your help neededCommunity support to record bird owners’ efforts, progress, and results of hemp usage as a health aid for their bird.


About Our Vision

The purpose of BirdHemp.Org is simply to provide bird owners with insights (insights provided by other bird owners) concerning hemp as a supplement.

Our view is that actual, expensive, scientific research concerning birds and hemp will be few and far between. So, the thought is, why not use the next best thing to that expensive scientific research – personal observations. To give you an idea behind it all read How Your Field Notes, Dusty or New, Can Help Science.

Collectively, the purpose of the site is to build a knowledge base concerning hemp usage and bird health. Existing conditions, progress, and side effects can be recorded. All the information is provided by you. BirdHemp.Org collects your information and then collates it for others to utilize. If you will, BirdHemp.Org is simply a hemp-information collection/distribution point for the bird community. Very simple.